Rubbing by




Date of rubbing

5 JULY, 2020

Plant name

BanksIa integrifolia


Significance of tree

Ulladulla is my home away from home and I love walking ghrough the coastal banksias to go to the beach. These trees have been a source of inspiration in my own arts practice. Banksias are unique to Australia. I like their gnarled twisted trunks covered in thick bartk, the patterns are intriguing. They have flower spikes that are made up of several hundred flowers densely packed in a spiral around a woody axis. After the flowers fall off there is a cone embedded with follicles that contain seeds. Eac h step in this flower / seed development has its own beaty and shapes the leaves also have interesting shape & desing – a whorld of 3 to 5 leaves on the sten. A flock of black cockatoos had been feeding in the trees in the morning I went there. There were lots of cones on the ground from them eating the seeds.

Lat: -35.36340 Long: 150.4 Deering St, Ulladulla