Rubbing by




Date of rubbing

16 MAY, 2021

Plant name

 Brachychiton populneus

Significance of tree

The Kurrajong is an unusual shaped tree–very different from the eucalypts which are the most common tree where I live–It reminds me of a boab. We have just one kurrajong which was grown from seed by a neighbour, Bridget Farrer, who has now died. When I planted it around 20 years ago I didn’t think it would survive because the roots had grown into some netting in its plant pot. It is still only a little over 2m high. Another of my neighbours has a single Kurrajong, from Bridget Farrer at the same time and hers was similarly tangled in netting and like me she thought it wouldn’t survive.

Smiths Rd, The Angle