Rubbing by




Date of rubbing

23 MARCH, 2021

Plant name

Acacia Mearnsii

Significance of tree

This is an old black wattle, not a veteran, but a generous size for a tree that is short-lived. It was intentionally planted, as part of the native garden at Royal Park. It therefore has had room to spread and create a canopy where you can settle. It’s filigree fronded branches, touch the soil. THere is often evidence of children’s play under her canopy; collected twigs, stones & barks. Magic potions & spells are made here. There are also rogue stands of Black Wattle, strappy eager teenagers; move to this acacia’s native of being a “weed” or “pest”. These Black Wattle trees sustrained me last year during Melbourne’s extreme lockdown. Their budding, blossum, then pods coincided with March’s (2020) to Sept/Oct 2020 restrictions.

Australian Native Garden, Royal Park, Parkville, Melbourne