Rubbing by




Date of rubbing

25 OCTOBER, 2020

Plant name

Ulmus Procera

Significance of tree

It’s not a particularly big tree, and really only came into view when an arborist put a note in our mailbox telling us it was sick with a type of weavil. There are 3 elms in close proximity to each other on neighbouring blocks, all with the same bug. Probably all planted a the same time (might have been a popular choice in the 70s). We all decided to have the arborist inject the trees to help its immune system fight off the bug. The result was so amazing. The next time the leaves grew back, the tree was so healthy. With beautiful green leaves and no little holes where the bug would have been munching away. This tree is also significant because we are moving, we have reluctantly sold in line with our other neighbours to developers. This tree will be safe because it is on public land, but my lovely old rose garden will go. Fortunately the 2 other elms are safe too. One is on a block where the house was redeveloped and had to be kept and the other is next to it on a block that can’t be redeveloped. Got to love RZ2 rezoning. A fabulous postscript to my rezoning, redevelopment story. Since I received the ’embracing the familiar’ package and my elm tree is growing its leaves. Our sale fell through! So happy. For now I am embracing my own familiar. With my elm tree, my rose garden and my beautiful 1972 house.

On the nature strip in front of my house, Weston Creek, ACT