Rubbing by





Date of rubbing

28 SEPTEMBER, 2020

Plant name

Acer negrundo

Significance of tree

I planted these trees (2) as they were growing on the property under the carport on the placentas of my daughters, one in 2000 and one in 2003. Unbeknowst to me, they are considered to be weed trees. Luckily they are both males. They are both large now and quickly lose their leaves in winter letting sunshine in to our north-facing loungeroom. Then in the spring they put on a show of lovely dangling flowers which attract bees and a gentle humming/buzzing sound fills the garden! Soon after that they grow their leaves and provide shade. Many other deciduous trees are still looking bare!! I have collected a handful of the flowers which all drop off and my chickens enjoy eating them, for the dyeing purposes. I think the placentas have given them a lot of nourishment as they seem to be the biggest trees in the area. The rubbings are both from the same tree (2000) it has 3 main trunks.

My garden, Richardson